A dreamer and writer with a law degree and an M.B.A.

I have always been a better listener than a talker. I like to process what I hear before I speak. And because of that, I am often misunderstood. Unless you are close to me, you would think that I am a shy person.

I used to be unkind to myself for being like this. Feeling misunderstood gives me anxiety. I am a Gemini. I can change my mind about something like how day turns to night. The only way to love me is to accept that I can have mixed feelings about everything.

But I am a loyal partner and…

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned worker

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In a world where remote work is the new norm, how does one adapt and find their way in a new work environment? We used to live in a world where we could introduce ourselves to new colleagues in person, observe our new workplace in the office, and get any work advice from just a cubicle away.

Recently, I started working again. On my first day on the job, there was no orientation to attend and no one to bring me around the office. There was only me, my laptop and silence. I walked to my work desk from the…

Turns out, experience counts.

Photo from author’s wedding album

My husband and I have been together for 3+ years. Not a very long time, but long enough to know that he is perfect for me. When we are together, I always feel like we are catching up on lost time. In the first month of us being officially an item, he told me “I wish I met you sooner. I feel like I have so little time left in this life with you.

It left a deep impression on me. I thought about the average life expectancy. We have passed the halfway point when we met. If we are…

Learning about Covid-19 and living in self-isolation

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For the past two weeks, I had to undergo a self-quarantine. A close friend who I’ve been spending time with tested positive for Covid-19. The good news is she didn’t experience any severe symptoms and was cleared from isolation by a doctor from a government health clinic soon after.

Although detection of the virus (having tested positive) does not necessarily mean that a person is infectious, clinical criteria still require that —

  • For asymptomatic individuals, 10 days after a positive test in isolation is recommended.
  • For individuals who display symptoms, the symptoms have been resolved for at least 3 days…

They are the best kind of people to work with.

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Some of the best people I have worked with are different from me.

My MBA cohort had roughly 50 students. I was struck by the diversity of the cohort. More than half of them were from different countries. And coming from different backgrounds and professions meant that it took some time for us to accept and learn from one another.

I remember the first day of class. I never felt so intimidated by a group of people. I felt like the dumbest student in the room. It surprised me how I found my MBA cohort more intimidating than my legal…

Lessons on letting go of failures and braving challenges despite the odds.

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I recently took up golf. Something that I never thought I would do. Growing up, I did not understand why my father enjoyed playing golf. The idea of swinging a thin stick to hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole did not appeal to me. Also, living in a tropical country, I was not willing to toast myself under the hot sun. Jack Nicklaus, a retired professional golfer, once quoted —

“Golf is a nice game, but that’s all. It’s never going to be an exciting game to watch on TV. It’s not a circus and never will be…

Lessons on innovation from its early years in the movie rental business.

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, like most people, I spent a lot of time during the lockdown bingeing on movies and television series on Netflix. Living in this region, we also get a variety of movies originating from countries in the Asia Pacific. I found myself going on a road trip with Aruna & Her Palate across the islands of Indonesia, rooting for Seo Dal-mi in the Start-Up in South Korea, to living through British history with Queen Elizabeth II in the Crown.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix reported the addition of almost 16 million new subscribers in early 2020. People…

How better questions can lead to finding the right person for the job.

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You received a phone call about the job that you have applied for. A person from HR would like to schedule an interview with you and the hiring manager. Hooray! You have managed to get one foot in. You set the date with the hiring manager. For the next few days before the interview, you ruminate about questions they may ask you. You prepare by rehearsing your answers over and over again, when you drink coffee, take a shower, and go for your walks.

Some questions are so common. When you hear those questions being asked, you can’t help but…


And when you should move on.

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You were friends with each other since you were teenagers. Back then, you found many exciting things together. You had a lot of things in common — the teachers you hated, the subjects you loved, and the friends you gossiped about.

But you left school and spent many years apart. You made a path for yourself and discovered new experiences that defined you as an adult. Your desires, wants and needs shift like the wind carrying a ship to unexplored territories.

When you finally sailed home, you spend your time as a young adult working your way up. As you…

And what we can learn from it.

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This year, I did not make any resolutions before January 1st. Like most people, I woke up on the day and completed my morning routine. The sun rose and set just like any day but I felt unusually optimistic and hopeful.

Feeling curious about my unexplainable positivity, I started wondering if humans in ancient times also felt the same way at the start of the new year. Could it be an emotional behaviour arising from rituals practised in ancient times and passed down through generations?

About 4,000 years ago, the Babylonians would make promises to their Gods at the beginning…

Sylvia L. InThoughtful

Writing is my creative outlet. Committed to self-care and happiness. Every day is a new day to live well 💛

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